<span>Nous soutenons ceux qui transforment la vie des gens grâce aux sports outdoors</span>

Qui nous sommes

Salomon has called the French Alps home since 1947, so we know the benefits that the mountains and the outdoors add to our lives. In short, we believe they bring out the best in us and that everyone should be able to benefit from these experiences.

It’s for this reason that the Salomon Foundation, which was started back in 1999, is now going global. For nearly a quarter-century, the Foundation has existed here in France to help mountain professionals and their families when they are in need. It has helped individuals injured in accidents or the families of people who passed away in the mountains. And the Foundation is immensely proud to have built personal and lasting relationships with many of these people along the way.

Recently, backed by a commitment from the Salomon’s leadership team, the Salomon Foundation expanded its reach so that it can make a greater impact around the world, while still continuing to work with local communities of mountain professionals. Guided by a belief that time in the outdoors makes us all the best version of who we are, the Salomon Foundation now works alongside organizations that allow disadvantaged or excluded people to practice outdoor sports.

Because no matter who we are, practicing outdoor sports allows us to build or rebuild ourselves. No disability, no origin, and no social or financial situation should get in the way of this right.

Like we have with hundreds of mountain professionals and their families here in France, the goal is to build lasting relationships with these organizations around the globe to positively impact the lives of people through the outdoors.


Who we fund

The Salomon Foundation has 2 missions. 

We fund non-profit organizations that are ready to commit to a long-term partnership and whose missions include giving disadvantaged communities access to outdoor sports.

Through our Salomon Foundation, under aegis of Fondation de France, we provide financial support to outdoor sports professionals and their families in case of an accident. 

girl climbing

We don't fund

The Salomon Foundation does not fund the following:

  • Political or activist organizations
  • Environmental organizations